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our 5 pillars
As a participants in one of the most polluting industries
(Fashion), we understand our responsibility
to reduce harm to our planet. So what we doing:
1. Being Local.
Our lingerie is hand crafted in a small workshop. L&S team are 95% female, from artist to top management. Our main principle is «win-win», so all employees get a fair salary.

Our beading embroidery is make by women, many of whom had little or no income. Our relationship can be described by the word "community", based on mutual assistance and transparent relations. We doing our business with love.

Embroidery on our sets is done by machine, although it is very similar to manual. This is our know-how, the result of more than 6 months of development. This allows us to remain local without resorting to procurement in countries where we cannot control the transparency of working conditions.
2. Focusing on Quality.
We use very high quality fabrics and materials. We believe, that quality is the best way to be sustainable. All our materials are OEKO-TEX certificated, which means they were made without using any harsh chemicals. Moreover, most of our materials are produced in EU, which helps us to reduce carbon footprint because of logistics.
3. Do not overproduce
We produce lingerie in small batches.
We use elastic mesh, and have only 6 sizes in our range.
It prevents overproduction across multiple sizes,
which is typical for lingerie industry.
We also make bespoke orders,
to make stock without useless items.
4. Using FSC Papers / 0% of plastics
We use Geami Ranpak™ protective paper wrap solutions instead of plastic bubble wrap in our transport packaging, and trust us — it's great!
All our package components is compostable / reusable / made from FSC papers.
Ranpak Wrap and FSC card
5. Constantly looking for improvements
We are absolutely confident that sustainable development is an ongoing process, and we do everything so that not only Love & Swans, but also our contractors understand the importance of this for all of us in our shared future!