Lingerie Set "Roaring '20"

Meanwhile, the Roaring 20s are returning to the US from Europe. I can't believe it was 100 years ago! Then they definitely loved and knew how to hang out. Great parties are organized in the posh manor houses. Sounds of daring jazz pour from all windows, everywhere bright lights, diamonds, expensive dresses in sequins, sequins and feathers, waiters hand out cocktails to guests who throw money right and left, and it seems that they are mad from the amount of entertainment, booze and the very atmosphere of the holiday and impunity. From different parts of the building every now and then you can hear the popping of corks flying out of bottles of sparkling wine. The atmosphere of cheerful chaos reigns here, and champagne is like water and air for the local public. 

This pieces are made of soft mesh of EU-origin, Japanese beads. Fabrics and accessories meet the strictest OEKO-TEX certification requirements.

Care instructions: All embroideries and colors are resistant to delicate hand wash at 30˚C.
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